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Rapid Prototyping & Tool and Die

Standard Manufacturers takes pride in its superior in-house molding and fixturing capabilities.  SMSL offers clients 3 paths to project start-off:

  1. Rapid prototyping
  2. Small production run
  3. High production run

Each offers unique timeline and cost options.

Standard Manufacturers offers the opportunity to significantly reduce the time required to obtain castings while reducing the cost to do so. Our rapid prototype system supports the developmental process by producing parts cost-effectively with shorter lead times to prove out the part before it goes into production.

Our rapid prototype system involves casting in moulds printed from CAD models. With this system we eliminate the pattern until production is necessary and you have a part in your hands that is sound from a fit, form and function point of view. Standard Manufacturers’ rapid prototyping supports your problem solving efforts as it enables us to design and develop the solutions you need and want both better and faster.

Service parts are another ideal application for this technology because it can eliminate long pattern delays and decrease your lead time and cost.

Finally, with our Tool and Die expertise, we can design any custom tooling, for any application, whether you run the production volumes or we do.


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